Why vanilla sex all the time might ruin your sex life beyond repair?

27 Sep 2023, 11:24


When you watch black teen porn, you will rarely see romantic and vanilla sex. However, when you try to have sex in your real life, you tend to look for vanilla sex. And, that is where you make perhaps the biggest mistake of your life. You will feel amazing to have vanilla sex for the very first time.


You and your partner’s libido will be high and you two will be exploring each other bodies. However, when you try to do that for a long time, things could get bland and your sex life could be ruined. Look, if you have sex the same way you have been having for the last few years, you need to change.


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When it comes to improving your sex life, there are so many ways you can do that. Most people don’t realize that having vanilla sex can be the worst thing they are doing right now. They think that they are giving their partners respect by not being rough and not pulling their hair while fucking them.


However, what they are actually doing is making their partners feel bored of them because what they are doing is having sex the same old manner the way they had sex for the very first time. Look, if you have to eat the same food for every day for one month, you will get tired of it no matter how favourite that food is for you.


Similarly in sex, you have to make sure that you and your partner evolve with time and try different things in bed. But, society will tell you to respect women and vanilla sex is a way of respecting women according to society. However, this is why vanilla sex all the time might ruin your sex life beyond repair.


The evolution


You need to understand that humans are also animals. Inside your woman, there is also an animal just like yours. Also, from ancient times, women were used to being dominated by men and that too in bed. Domination is a manly characteristic that makes a woman crave that man. You have seen men rampaging Latina girls in porn and ravaging their bodies.


So, when you are having sex with your partner in bed, she will also be craving you. She wants you to ravage her body and that is how the minds of women are built from the time of evolution. They don’t like vanilla sex even though they might not tell you that due to societal pressure.


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Thus, if you don’t dominate your partner just like she wants in bed, it is quite normal that she would feel bored. More than your adoration, she needs your domination. Therefore, you have to make sure you don’t have vanilla sex all the time and rough it up a little bit at times. 


Change of taste


Look, as you read before, if you have to eat your favourite food for a month every day, you will get tired of it and don’t think about having it for close to a year. Now, just think about this, you having sex the same old vanilla style for all these years. Aren’t you tired of it yet?


If you are not, your partner will surely be. She is just struggling to tell you that. Just like everything else, once in a while, changing the way you have sex will ensure that your relationship stays fresh. You need to understand that your sex life also needs a change of taste from time to time like your tongue. 


Intense action


When you had sex for the very first time, just imagine how it felt. However, you will lose that intensity of emotions rushing through you during sex when you constantly have vanilla sex with your partner. Yet, the animal inside you wants to have intense action and you are depriving that animal what it wants. That is why roughing things up once in a while will provide the intense action in bed that you and your partner are missing.


Final thoughts

Finally, society will never take responsibility for your relationship gets ruined with your partner. If you cherish your relationship with your partner, then you need to take responsibility and stop having vanilla sex all the time and start doing things you see in black teen porn.


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