What is mammary intercourse? Tips to make it more pleasurable for both partners

27 Sep 2023, 11:22


When it comes to having penetrative sex, it doesn’t always have to be with genitals. You have watched free nude pictures where men and women are having oral sex. Yes, that is called oral intercourse. Also, there is anal sex where the intercourse happens through the anus. 


However, that is not the end of the road. When you see pictures featuring attractive hot girls with big tits, you will notice that there are so many other things that men can do with those large tits. That is why many men are looking to have girls with big tits as their sex partners.



Apart from vagina, anal, and oral, they can have another type of intercourse with those girls that they cannot have with girls having small tits. That type of intercourse is called mammary intercourse. That is why it is always better to look for girls with big tits. 


Now, you will be wondering what mammary intercourse is. You will know everything about mammary intercourse from this article. Apart from that, you will also find out how you can make mammary intercourse more pleasurable for your partner. Sex is all about enjoying, isn’t it?


Many people don’t gather the entire knowledge about a particular type of sexual activity and try it with their partner and end up having a horrible experience. If you don’t want to have that experience while having mammary intercourse, then you should be reading this article fully.


Understanding mammary intercourse will be very important before you try it out. So, let’s not make you wait any further and explain what this mammary intercourse is all about. You will also know the ways in which you can make this sexual activity more pleasurable with your partner. 


What is mammary intercourse?


First of all, you need to understand that if you want to have a great experience of having mammary intercourse, then your partner should have big tits. Now, when she unzips her bra and brings her large tits in front of you to devour, you will squeeze them and suck them hard.


But, do you know that you can fuck her tits as well? Yes, what you need to do is squeeze both of her tits together and insert your erect penis in between her squeezed boobs. Basically, you will be fucking the region of her cleavage. If done correctly, mammary intercourse can feel amazing.


Mammary intercourse... | My Boob Site


Look, if you want to know how it is done, you can go to any porn site and search for tit-fuck and you will find what you want to see. But, you have to make sure that you are fucking the tits of your partner and giving her pleasure as well as having the best time of your life. 


Most people don’t know this and that is why for them, mammary intercourse is not always pleasurable. Now, if you want to have a great time with your partner during mammary intercourse, then here are some tips that you can use to make your tit-fuck more enjoyable. 


Tips to make mammary intercourse more pleasurable for both partners

- Use lube: It is very important that you use lube while having mammary intercourse. The cleavage of your partner will not self-lubricate like her vagina. So, using a lube will give you a smooth experience of penetrating her boobs. 

- Use her mouth: When you penetrate her boobs, your partner will have the luxury of using her mouth as well because your dick will reach towards her mouth. So, if she can suck the dick while you penetrate, it will feel amazing.

- Learn the technique: You can find several free nude pictures where you will notice that girls are having mammary intercourse with their partners. Also, you can find several porn videos to learn these techniques to make tit-fuck more pleasurable for you. 


The bottom line


Finally, you have to make sure that you are learning all the time if you want to improve your sex life. One thing is for sure and that is while having mammary intercourse with your partner with big tits, you will enjoy it a lot. So, learn from free nude pictures and porn videos available to make your mammary intercourse experience more pleasurable.


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